A big day for a little puppy…

Roxi joined our family officially on January 13, 2017 – I guess we can refer to this as “Gofullsizerendertcha Day”.  We picked her up about 1:30 and she was still outside with her mom, Daisy and her siblings.

I guess the person who had selected before me, didn’t take the one that she wanted so I had options. I looked at the other female, but she sure wasn’t Roxi.  You see Roxi and I had already bonded when she was just a couple of weeks old.

During that visit – Roxi was the only who lifted her head and paid any attention to me. The dog that was not my first or second choice had stolen my heart and there was no going back.

It took us about an hour to get home and we also made a stop at Chik-Fil-A. What a good girl she was, no begging for food at all.  Let’s see how long I can keep that from happening?!?

Roxi did fine with her new sister, Aubrey – a miniature schnauzer and her niece, Hunny – a maltese/shitzu mix. She also did great all night! Just one accident in the kitchen which was totally my fault and then she went right to sleep in her crate.

She sticks to me like glue which is exactly what I was hoping for – she is definitely the heartbeat at my feet.






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