Revelations at 6 Weeks 4 Days

Last night in bed was a bust – she pee’d and of course it was Lindsey’s side (hehehehehe).

As always she was up bright and early today and an absolute wild child! She’s just like me…a morning person – which is great! She’s up early, playing, chewing my hair (if she’s in bed with me) off to potty, play, terrorize Aubrey (the Schnauzer) enjoy her breakfast, play, terrorize Aubrey, play. Oh did I say play and terrorize Aubrey?!? Those two activities take up most of her morning and expel all of her energy! Then she’s back to sleep…this schedule is going to work great when I’m at work next week.  About the time I’ll be leaving for work, she’ll be ready for her nap.  I’ll be coming home for lunches for several weeks – so she won’t be alone long – and I think we are also getting a camera or two.

Some revelations about this adorable pup I made today:

  • She LOVES the mud and being dirty. The dirtier she is the happier she is.
  • She doesn’t like to use the bathroom on the leash – especially #2 – she needs to get further from me.
  • Pills – just drop them in some moistened food – problem solved – yum yum.
  • She has to know where I am all of the time – I’m sure (I hope) she’ll grow out of this one just a little bit.
  • She likes to torment Aubrey – but I think it’s all in love.
  • She’s starting to be comfortable in her crate.
  • You can not get a picture of her – EVER.
  • I think her favorite food is going to be something by Rachel Ray.

And it’s been a long day – I think baby girl is going to the bank and mommy’s office tomorrow for a quick visit.img_4670



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