The Heartbeat at My Feet….

That title sums up my day.  I really can’t move from this little sweet thing…sorry no picture today.

Today, I’ve worked on cleaning house while Roxi worked on sharing her pee everywhere or at least attempting to.  She is being treated for a UTI and today she would squat and not do anything. So I decided I’m going to let her have as much water as she wants and let the pee fly! It is what it is – she’s a baby and I don’t think as her momma I was letting her have enough water to swish this out of her. So yep, lots of peeing and taking her out every 10 minutes or so while she’s awake. Thankfully, her pee isn’t yellow now so that’s a great sign! Especially after the vet spooked me Ectopic Ureters. I read a lot today and I thankfully don’t think it’s this. I have to remember – she’s just a baby, and some of the signs of that should already be starting to show and they aren’t.

On the plus side, she jumped right into Aubrey’s crate today – which is the kind I’m ordering her in the morning. YAY! I think she’ll like it!

Also, I discovered Aubrey is quite the big sister! Roxi had some poo hanging from you bum and if you’ve ever had that happen to your pup you know they try very hard to outrun it, shake it off. So of course Roxi was running from me, Aubry gave that bark to let us know someone is around however, no one was around and Roxi immediately went to the steps.

We also had our first outing since Roxi came home – just me & my hubby – out to dinner. Thank goodness for Dog Monitor, with it I knew when she was crying and when she had settled down. After we got home she didn’t let me get too far from her.  I love that she’s my girl!

Her Aunt Lisa also came by to visit her this evening. We are ready to get her bath tomorrow and take her 7 week old picture and then watch the inauguration all day.


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