7 Weeks and a Meltdown

What a day this has been! It all started off well enough, a planned lazy day – just mom & 7-weeksRoxi. We planned to relax and watch the Inauguration. However, before you knew it I started feeling so overwhelmed!

I had done great all week with keeping the house up and caring for this pup but today it went to crap, and I don’t know why because I had good things happen too…so let’s look at it this way – let me first share the crap and then the good, maybe that can help me put a positive spin on this day.

No politics will be included in this post!


The Bad

  1. I can’t move without this baby following me, that includes when she’s sound asleep at my feet and I need to go pee myself. Before I’m out of the bathroom she’s up and has peed on the floor!
  2. She bites me so much – I’m torn up!
  3. My house isn’t as clean as it’s been the rest of the week.

The Good

  1. I wanted this dog to be attached to me, and I certainly got what I wanted.
  2. Tomorrow is another day.
  3. I found a mobile groomer with great reviews – and her non-mobile days are a 4-minute WALK from my house! That’s not even worth getting in the car for!!
  4. Roxi loves Aubrey’s crate and I ordered her one like it today.
  5. Today was payday and I made the order at Chewy.com that includes:
    1. Roxi’s Crate & pad
    2. Bitter Spray
    3. Nature’s Miracle Hard Wood Floor Cleaner (spray bottle)
    4. Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer (Dear GOD, please let it destroy!!)
    5. Potty Bells (that makes me laugh – but I’m sure this item will bring its own meltdown)
    6. Some training treats.
    7. Dog food
    8. A Kong for Aubrey (since she loves Roxi’s so much)
  6. That Chewy order shipped and will be here tomorrow – Saturday – THANK GOD!
  7. I did get the meal plans and grocery list partially done.
  8. I got Roxi’s 7-week picture taken AND edited.
  9. I got a shower.
  10. Roxi has learned where to go when SHE is ready for bed at night!! Yep, that’s right. When she was ready to go to bed for the night, she made her way to my room and curled up in the spot that her crate normally is. This blew me away and gave me hope for all things training!

And there you have it! Always focus on your positives, mine far outweighed the bad that consumed me and led me to my meltdown.


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