Just a little Saturday

Our Chewy order came today, early. It was just ordered Friday, early! I love that site.

img_3243Roxi got a HUGE crate (as you can see) we go potty bells and some much-needed cleaning supplies.

Today was a really good day – minimal pee accidents (no poo accidents) another restful all night sleep and a trip to our groomer.

Yep, we found our groomer – she has a mobile grooming trailer but her non-mobile days she’s a 4-minute walk from our house – that’s not even worth getting in the car to go.

She gave Roxi her sanitary trim and Roxi was a superstar! We found out Roxi’s price full grown will be $75 and Aubrey will be $55, which is about $10 more than our normal grooming salon – but it’s worth that not to have to travel far nor to load the dogs up and drive them there and then kill time waiting for them to be done.

We also found out that the other girl that was almost our Roxi doesn’t have a home yet and Roxi’s brothers are also available.

I’m thinking about writing a little story from Roxi’s perspective on that day. Hopefully, that can be tackled ASAP – I think it will be adorable.




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