No Funday Sunday Here

That’s right we had an absolutely crazy day. Roxi was her usual morning spunky self. She’s starting to exhibit the “zoomies” especially when I take her out – which is going to have to start being on a leash.  We have a fenced are for our dogs so normally she just goes in there, but as of late coming back in the house is a game of tag with her running and me trying to catch her. Grrr…I certainly get my exercise, though!

I’m working to get back on my low carb diet so Roxi stayed at and on my feet while I was doing meal prep. Then we sprung a leak in the kitchen sink so the girls got to go out to play in the fenced area to avoid being under Daddy’s feet…that was a great time. Roxi ended up getting her feet cleaned in the bathtub she was so dirty.

Roxi started wanting to eat a lot more the last couple of days also. She ate almost an entire cup of food for dinner. She’s growing fast and has gained about a pound in the last week. And she has moments of being super vocal.

Every day is something new! But tomorrow – it’s back to work for me…I’m ready but it’s going to be an adjustment for my girl – thank goodness I work close enough to come home for lunch every day until she’s big enough to go all day in her crate.



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