Back to the grind – and a new way of living for our pup

Monday took me back to work and I certainly needed it. I used my Dog Monitor to find out what was going on at home with little cutie patootie.  She cried alot in the morning but set


Watching mom get ready for work.

tled down an hour or so into it. I went home for lunch and that’s when the game started again…you can’t catch me! Ah it makes me crazy!!


We enjoyed our lunch together and off I went to work.  She did pee in her crate during the morning and afternoon but not terribly.

This day wore her out as she just goes straight to her crate now and bedtime and doesn’t care to come out.

On Tuesday she did MUCH better at home, not much crying at all but she did pee in her crate. I do come home for lunch with her each day so we are only leaving her alone about 4 hours a stretch.

Good news! Tonight she RANG THE BELL!! Not once, but twice. She seems to have that down when she wants to go do #2.  She’s also really wanting to walk down the steps but hasn’t gotten the nerve to try it yet.

And she’s loving dry (not moistened) kibble – she’s going to such a smart girl.


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