The Last Few Days…A Blur

Roxi is still moving right along – learning, growing, making us laugh.

Sunday she slept in with us in bed – it was so nice, I love her snuggles and I love to hear her breathe.  Also on Sunday my youngest son came to visit, Roxi met him two weeks ago but spent a little time with him however she greeted him like she missed him so much!!

Pottying outside is a challenge and I have to keep reminding myself that she’s really still just a baby at 8 weeks. She seems to be getting number 2 down, though.

Today we went back to the vet – my girl is getting so big.  Gained almost 4 lbs in 2 weeks. Another shot, a sample of heartworm preventative, and another round of antibiotics just tfullsizerender-2o be sure the UTI is good. The vet confirmed she’s gonna be a big girl! The vet also didn’t seem too worried about her peeing all the time. Said that’s just puppies. We also bought a new bed so there will be room for Roxi to join me, Lindsey and of course Aubrey.


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