9 1/2 Weeks with Some Deer Dung

I’ve not written about Roxi’s adventures and milestones lately as there haven’t been too many new things that have happened, until today.

Today was the first day that baby girl kept her crate dry in the afternoon!! She’s eating less at lunch when I come home so I’m sure soon we’ll go to just two meals a day and my trips home can be for potty time only. She seems to have to poop outside down now, she rings her bells or cries at the door.

Baby girl has learned to sit. She working on down and shake now and I think roll over will not be far behind. She’s so smart…most of the time. The other part of the time she’s still just a puppy, chewing thing she shouldn’t peeing somewhere out of the blue.

Today Roxi and I were surprised by a deer in the yard, only when Roxi about walked up on her.  When we went out later, low and behold the deer was in the fenced area that Roxi can run free. Then later she discovered a gourmet feast of deer dung aka poo.  Ahhhh this puppy is going to be the death of me.

Now we are expecting her favorite – snow!


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