What a beautiful day! 12 Weeks

What a beautiful day we had to celebrate Roxi’s 12 weeks birthday! The temperatures were close to 80 dimg_4858egrees here – very unseasonably warm for February in the mid-Atlantic area.

Thankfully I was able to leave work early and enjoy it with my baby girl. We went to my office to see my co-workers and she finally got to meet her cousin Kendra, which seemed almost like the highlight of the day for both of them!

We went for ice cream (Shamrock shake for mom), visited Daddy at work, found where the dog park is – though we didn’t go as Roxi is still waiting on shots to go to an off-leash dog park. After that, we headed to Prickett’s Fort and the Rail to Trails. This is where the most amazing thing happened!

While walking on the Rails to Trails (which was a short walk since it was so incredibly hot) we ran into a cute little labradoodle that was 10 weeks old. It just so happens that this was Roxi’s half sister!! One of Skyla‘s puppies from Ain’t Just Puppy Love. Remi is both of the dog’s daddy. And of course, this girl failed to get a photo of the two…yep, sometimes I’m a loser like that. Hopefully, we’ll meet again and I can get a photo.

We ended our day with Roxi’s first bath that she generally seemed to enjoy!

Now if we could get potty down – I know she’s getting it and accidents are generally my fault.  Except for the one that just happened! Crate time is perfect, overnight is perfect….never get a dog during the winter! It’s so challenging to get everything on yourself to get them out.  And right now Roxi MUST be leashed – she thinks it’s quite fun to let me chase her to come in, I think more treats may need to be at hand!


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