A Little Catch Up with Roxi

I haven’t posted anything about my girl in a while, but we’ve had some good stuff going on.RoIMG_3490xi’s amazing dad (my rock star of a husband) built our gals a doggie door with a ramp with railings to go outside. Roxi has been doing a bang-up job using it.

Today she finished up with all of her shots and only has to go back for her spay in June, that’s booked and ready.

As you can see I ordered my girl some bows for her hair and her most favorite treats right now are bully sticks, knee caps and my homemade doggie ice cream treats that is her “bedtime” snack.

Today at the vet she further proved how much she just loves everyone! She walked into the office on her leash and just laid down at our feet. When someone came in she went to greet them. She saw a little white dog outside that she was ready to go play with but when she saw the Great Dane she wasn’t too fast to check her out. When the vet tech went to take her back she just walked back like it was home.

I honestly couldn’t dream of a better dog – sure she still has some things to learn but she’s just amazing.FullSizeRender 3

Size wise – her back comes to my knee and here’s the most recent weight.



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