The Story of Roxi – Chapter 1

The story of Roxi couldn’t be told without me. I’m Pepper and this woman that Roxi now calls mom was once my mom.

In case you can’t tell I’m a miniature schnauzer.  I don’t recall where I was born but I know that I was purchased by a family at a pet store. I was with that family for about year – a very long year.

IMG_1925When the family would leave I would be tied with a short, heavy blue lead and it would be wrapped around the leg of the couch.  I was never groomed at my first home and my fur would get matted.  When my feet would be matted these small humans would trim my fur on my feet, and the scissors would catch my knuckles on my feet.  It hurt so bad and I would bleed.

They never took me anywhere except for that one warm summer evening.  We pulled into a parking lot and there was a tall man, three little humans and her. There was just something about her and I went right to her. She looked me over and looked at the tall man.  At the same time I heard him say that I wasn’t a schnauzer, she saw the scabs on the knuckles of my front paws.  She looked back at the tall man and told him she was taking me home.

Before I realized what was going on I was in the car with her and I was so happy.  We went to a small house that was attached to other houses. I think I heard them call it an apartment.  The little humans tried to play with me and the biggest little human took a toy she had given me. I growled and tried to take my toy back. I could smell the little human’s fear as he jumped onto the couch. All that mattered was that I got my toy back, but she also wasn’t happy.

The next day she took me to a place that smelled beautiful. There were other dogs and a nice lady bathed me and trimmed me up without hurting me. She made me smell good and look handsome!

When she came to pick me up she was so happy and that’s when she started calling herself mommy.  She was my human, my mom, my savior.  I just knew my life would be better with her and I was so happy she brought me home, to my home. I was loved and I was now truly a part of a family.


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