The Story of Roxi – Chapter 4

We ran and played, Gypsy and I, for what seemed like forever. Suddenly, Gypsy had me follow her to the most beautiful house, there were pets everywhere of all kinds.  We went inside and I just knew this was Grandma – though, like me, she didn’t look the same as the day the man in the long car took her away. She was young, beautiful and full of life.  This has to be how she remembered her mom.  Grandma reached down to pick me up and welcomed me to her home.

holes in heavenAfter we visited for a while and I checked things out, Gypsy and Grandma took me to a place that was a circle and there were other people and animals looking into it.  Grandma asked if I was ready to see my mom.  I ran around her barking – I was so excited! I miss mom, and I really want to see her – and dad too.

I peered over and down and I could see them…they were in Dad’s truck and they had the little dog, and they were eating FRENCH FRIES! Why? Dad always feeds me french fries, I need french fries. But wait, why do they look so sad? Why does mom keep crying? I watched them go home, mom walked in the house so sad – she looks lost.  The little dog is the only one they have.  I need to know what happened to me.  Why I am I here and they are there and so sad?

I knew the man in the white robe could help me so I ran to him, barking, I needed him to help me understand. He leaned down and touched me on the head – and I saw it all so clearly. But how could I be seeing myself on the table at the doctor’s office?

Mom was holding me, the girl was there leaning against the wall crying, mom was crying and dad didn’t want to stay.  Mom talked him into it. But as the doctor gave me the shot and mom just watched me, so sad, petting me and telling me it was alright over and over again, dad ran out. The girl stayed and she and mom were both crying so hard.  Mom was hugging me and what I wouldn’t give if I could feel that right now. She held me for a long time, I could feel she didn’t want to leave me – I don’t understand why would she leave me?  Then she asked a woman to cut some fur so she could take it.  Finally, I heard her say, I think he’s starting to stiffen – we should probably go. She walked out of the room so sad – she couldn’t stop crying.

I looked up at the beautiful man, that Gypsy calls The Father, I think he knew I didn’t understand and just like before he touched me, his mouth didn’t move but I could hear his words.

“You were her hardest goodbye. She knew it was time to let you go, you were hurting too much and keeping you with her was selfish. Your mom made the decision to let you pass on without suffering – she made that sacrifice because she loved you so much. When it’s her turn to come here, you will be waiting for her and you will help her get settled in here, just like Gypsy and Grandma did for you.”

Now I understand, I know where I am. It’s okay, she would have never hurt me, so I know that if she did this it was the right thing to do. I’m happy here, I miss both of them, and Hunny and sometimes the little dog. This place is beautiful and someday they will both be here with me.


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