The Story of Roxi – Chapter 5

I go and watch her every single day.  Each day she seems a little better, but I need to find a way to make her smile again, really smile and be happy.

The little dog seems to be getting them through but she seems to spend a lot of time with him and leaves her alone.  Then she looks sad.

I saw them getting on a boat and that reminded me of the last time they went away – when they picked me up I heard her talking a lot about some dog she met. She called him Topher and would say Goldendoodle a lot.

I watched her on the boat, she was having a good time. When they got off the boat the place was beautiful – I see why they liked to go on these trips. They found a spot in the sand and they were relaxing. Suddenly I saw a BIG, curly goofy dog! He ran past everyone and right to her – her smile was so big and she seemed so happy.  That’s what I have to do! I’ll find her a Goldendoodle!

We have a place here where all of the puppies live before they are sent to grow inside of their dog moms and be born.  They are separated by breed. So I went to the place where all the Goldendoodles were and I watched them for days.  I knew I had to pick the right one for her – this would be my gift to her, to show her just how much I love her – I was going to find her the right companion.


After days that turned into weeks of watching, I finally found her. She will be perfect for mom.  She is white with a little tan on her ears, a tan spot on her back and a tan spot right above her tail.  She’s loveable, funny, and fearless. She investigates everything and seems to like everyone and every other animal that visits them. I feel like I’ve connected with her and she’s the one I want to be with her – I’ll have to tell The Father so he makes sure she makes it to her. I call this puppy Belle, it’s a cute name and it fits with my name, Pepper. I also watched them talking one night in bed. He said he wanted a dog that looked just like Pepper (me) and to call it Pepper. She told him she didn’t know if she could do that and that the same name was too much but they could call her Belle. She was clear about wanting a girl dog.

Finally, the day came, I was watching her through the hole and I heard her tell him she was ready for another dog.  When I first left, she said very often that she would never own another dog. I made one last visit to the puppy I had picked out for her and I told this puppy that she would be going to a woman who would love her more than anything, and give her a great life for all of her life. I asked her to please love my mom, never be mean or snippy and to welcome strangers. I asked her to be the heartbeat at my mom’s feet and to please heal her broken heart. And just like that, the puppy was gone. I can’t wait to watch the joy she brings to her.

For now, I’ll watch them through this hole in the floor of heaven, and know that I’ve given my mom the best gift I could’ve ever given her, even though this doesn’t begin to repay her for all she did for me. She rescued me and loved me even when I was so mean. I love her, and I’ll watch over them and be waiting here when one day the puppy crosses back over the rainbow bridge as a big dog and together we will wait for her and then we can all be together forever.


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