blog-aboutI decided to create this site for my goldendoodle Roxi.  I’ve waited so long for this little love bug – but I’ll share more of that story in my blog.

After losing my 15 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Pepper on 7/11/16 I thought I would never want another dog. In October I finally decided I was ready but it could not be another schnauzer.  I’d fell for a goldendoodle named Topher while in Grand Turk so I knew that the goldendoodle was the breed I wanted.

The dog that is now Roxi Belle was not my first choice as I was the third person to pick. That was until I went to visit her when she was just a couple of weeks old. She was the only one to raise her head to look at me and that’s where our bond began. Even when I went to pick her up I could’ve changed my mind and selected another dog but there was no bond between any others in the litter – just me and my little Roxi Belle.

I just thought this blog would be a good way to remember these moments and all of the moments of her life. I want to remember all of this as she grows up, ages and someday goes to wait for me at the rainbow bridge with my Pepper – however, I hope that is many, many years from now.