What a beautiful day! 12 Weeks

What a beautiful day we had to celebrate Roxi’s 12 weeks birthday! The temperatures were close to 80 dimg_4858egrees here – very unseasonably warm for February in the mid-Atlantic area.

Thankfully I was able to leave work early and enjoy it with my baby girl. We went to my office to see my co-workers and she finally got to meet her cousin Kendra, which seemed almost like the highlight of the day for both of them!

We went for ice cream (Shamrock shake for mom), visited Daddy at work, found where the dog park is – though we didn’t go as Roxi is still waiting on shots to go to an off-leash dog park. After that, we headed to Prickett’s Fort and the Rail to Trails. This is where the most amazing thing happened!

While walking on the Rails to Trails (which was a short walk since it was so incredibly hot) we ran into a cute little labradoodle that was 10 weeks old. It just so happens that this was Roxi’s half sister!! One of Skyla‘s puppies from Ain’t Just Puppy Love. Remi is both of the dog’s daddy. And of course, this girl failed to get a photo of the two…yep, sometimes I’m a loser like that. Hopefully, we’ll meet again and I can get a photo.

We ended our day with Roxi’s first bath that she generally seemed to enjoy!

Now if we could get potty down – I know she’s getting it and accidents are generally my fault.  Except for the one that just happened! Crate time is perfect, overnight is perfect….never get a dog during the winter! It’s so challenging to get everything on yourself to get them out.  And right now Roxi MUST be leashed – she thinks it’s quite fun to let me chase her to come in, I think more treats may need to be at hand!


11 Weeks for the Roxi Girl

I can’t believe she’s 11 weeks old and been home with me now for 5 of those weeks! Monday she will get another round of shots and should be out of “puppy prison”! I can’t img_4753wait to take her more places, walks, parks etc.

This dog loves everyone! She doesn’t know a stranger and just wags her tail so strong when she meets someone new!

She got her first little groom today! And looked absolutely adorable!

As for housebreaking – nights are good…she sleeps in our room outside of her crate with no accidents and accidents
are getting less during the day too – she’s finally getting it.

I love this little girl so so much! She’s perfect!

9 1/2 Weeks with Some Deer Dung

I’ve not written about Roxi’s adventures and milestones lately as there haven’t been too many new things that have happened, until today.

Today was the first day that baby girl kept her crate dry in the afternoon!! She’s eating less at lunch when I come home so I’m sure soon we’ll go to just two meals a day and my trips home can be for potty time only. She seems to have to poop outside down now, she rings her bells or cries at the door.

Baby girl has learned to sit. She working on down and shake now and I think roll over will not be far behind. She’s so smart…most of the time. The other part of the time she’s still just a puppy, chewing thing she shouldn’t peeing somewhere out of the blue.

Today Roxi and I were surprised by a deer in the yard, only when Roxi about walked up on her.  When we went out later, low and behold the deer was in the fenced area that Roxi can run free. Then later she discovered a gourmet feast of deer dung aka poo.  Ahhhh this puppy is going to be the death of me.

Now we are expecting her favorite – snow!

The Last Few Days…A Blur

Roxi is still moving right along – learning, growing, making us laugh.

Sunday she slept in with us in bed – it was so nice, I love her snuggles and I love to hear her breathe.  Also on Sunday my youngest son came to visit, Roxi met him two weeks ago but spent a little time with him however she greeted him like she missed him so much!!

Pottying outside is a challenge and I have to keep reminding myself that she’s really still just a baby at 8 weeks. She seems to be getting number 2 down, though.

Today we went back to the vet – my girl is getting so big.  Gained almost 4 lbs in 2 weeks. Another shot, a sample of heartworm preventative, and another round of antibiotics just tfullsizerender-2o be sure the UTI is good. The vet confirmed she’s gonna be a big girl! The vet also didn’t seem too worried about her peeing all the time. Said that’s just puppies. We also bought a new bed so there will be room for Roxi to join me, Lindsey and of course Aubrey.

Back to the grind – and a new way of living for our pup

Monday took me back to work and I certainly needed it. I used my Dog Monitor to find out what was going on at home with little cutie patootie.  She cried alot in the morning but set


Watching mom get ready for work.

tled down an hour or so into it. I went home for lunch and that’s when the game started again…you can’t catch me! Ah it makes me crazy!!


We enjoyed our lunch together and off I went to work.  She did pee in her crate during the morning and afternoon but not terribly.

This day wore her out as she just goes straight to her crate now and bedtime and doesn’t care to come out.

On Tuesday she did MUCH better at home, not much crying at all but she did pee in her crate. I do come home for lunch with her each day so we are only leaving her alone about 4 hours a stretch.

Good news! Tonight she RANG THE BELL!! Not once, but twice. She seems to have that down when she wants to go do #2.  She’s also really wanting to walk down the steps but hasn’t gotten the nerve to try it yet.

And she’s loving dry (not moistened) kibble – she’s going to such a smart girl.

No Funday Sunday Here

That’s right we had an absolutely crazy day. Roxi was her usual morning spunky self. She’s starting to exhibit the “zoomies” especially when I take her out – which is going to have to start being on a leash.  We have a fenced are for our dogs so normally she just goes in there, but as of late coming back in the house is a game of tag with her running and me trying to catch her. Grrr…I certainly get my exercise, though!

I’m working to get back on my low carb diet so Roxi stayed at and on my feet while I was doing meal prep. Then we sprung a leak in the kitchen sink so the girls got to go out to play in the fenced area to avoid being under Daddy’s feet…that was a great time. Roxi ended up getting her feet cleaned in the bathtub she was so dirty.

Roxi started wanting to eat a lot more the last couple of days also. She ate almost an entire cup of food for dinner. She’s growing fast and has gained about a pound in the last week. And she has moments of being super vocal.

Every day is something new! But tomorrow – it’s back to work for me…I’m ready but it’s going to be an adjustment for my girl – thank goodness I work close enough to come home for lunch every day until she’s big enough to go all day in her crate.


Just a little Saturday

Our Chewy order came today, early. It was just ordered Friday, early! I love that site.

img_3243Roxi got a HUGE crate (as you can see) we go potty bells and some much-needed cleaning supplies.

Today was a really good day – minimal pee accidents (no poo accidents) another restful all night sleep and a trip to our groomer.

Yep, we found our groomer – she has a mobile grooming trailer but her non-mobile days she’s a 4-minute walk from our house – that’s not even worth getting in the car to go.

She gave Roxi her sanitary trim and Roxi was a superstar! We found out Roxi’s price full grown will be $75 and Aubrey will be $55, which is about $10 more than our normal grooming salon – but it’s worth that not to have to travel far nor to load the dogs up and drive them there and then kill time waiting for them to be done.

We also found out that the other girl that was almost our Roxi doesn’t have a home yet and Roxi’s brothers are also available.

I’m thinking about writing a little story from Roxi’s perspective on that day. Hopefully, that can be tackled ASAP – I think it will be adorable.