The Story of Roxi – Chapter 5

I go and watch her every single day.  Each day she seems a little better, but I need to find a way to make her smile again, really smile and be happy.

The little dog seems to be getting them through but she seems to spend a lot of time with him and leaves her alone.  Then she looks sad.

I saw them getting on a boat and that reminded me of the last time they went away – when they picked me up I heard her talking a lot about some dog she met. She called him Topher and would say Goldendoodle a lot.

I watched her on the boat, she was having a good time. When they got off the boat the place was beautiful – I see why they liked to go on these trips. They found a spot in the sand and they were relaxing. Suddenly I saw a BIG, curly goofy dog! He ran past everyone and right to her – her smile was so big and she seemed so happy.  That’s what I have to do! I’ll find her a Goldendoodle!

We have a place here where all of the puppies live before they are sent to grow inside of their dog moms and be born.  They are separated by breed. So I went to the place where all the Goldendoodles were and I watched them for days.  I knew I had to pick the right one for her – this would be my gift to her, to show her just how much I love her – I was going to find her the right companion.


After days that turned into weeks of watching, I finally found her. She will be perfect for mom.  She is white with a little tan on her ears, a tan spot on her back and a tan spot right above her tail.  She’s loveable, funny, and fearless. She investigates everything and seems to like everyone and every other animal that visits them. I feel like I’ve connected with her and she’s the one I want to be with her – I’ll have to tell The Father so he makes sure she makes it to her. I call this puppy Belle, it’s a cute name and it fits with my name, Pepper. I also watched them talking one night in bed. He said he wanted a dog that looked just like Pepper (me) and to call it Pepper. She told him she didn’t know if she could do that and that the same name was too much but they could call her Belle. She was clear about wanting a girl dog.

Finally, the day came, I was watching her through the hole and I heard her tell him she was ready for another dog.  When I first left, she said very often that she would never own another dog. I made one last visit to the puppy I had picked out for her and I told this puppy that she would be going to a woman who would love her more than anything, and give her a great life for all of her life. I asked her to please love my mom, never be mean or snippy and to welcome strangers. I asked her to be the heartbeat at my mom’s feet and to please heal her broken heart. And just like that, the puppy was gone. I can’t wait to watch the joy she brings to her.

For now, I’ll watch them through this hole in the floor of heaven, and know that I’ve given my mom the best gift I could’ve ever given her, even though this doesn’t begin to repay her for all she did for me. She rescued me and loved me even when I was so mean. I love her, and I’ll watch over them and be waiting here when one day the puppy crosses back over the rainbow bridge as a big dog and together we will wait for her and then we can all be together forever.


The Story of Roxi – Chapter 4

We ran and played, Gypsy and I, for what seemed like forever. Suddenly, Gypsy had me follow her to the most beautiful house, there were pets everywhere of all kinds.  We went inside and I just knew this was Grandma – though, like me, she didn’t look the same as the day the man in the long car took her away. She was young, beautiful and full of life.  This has to be how she remembered her mom.  Grandma reached down to pick me up and welcomed me to her home.

holes in heavenAfter we visited for a while and I checked things out, Gypsy and Grandma took me to a place that was a circle and there were other people and animals looking into it.  Grandma asked if I was ready to see my mom.  I ran around her barking – I was so excited! I miss mom, and I really want to see her – and dad too.

I peered over and down and I could see them…they were in Dad’s truck and they had the little dog, and they were eating FRENCH FRIES! Why? Dad always feeds me french fries, I need french fries. But wait, why do they look so sad? Why does mom keep crying? I watched them go home, mom walked in the house so sad – she looks lost.  The little dog is the only one they have.  I need to know what happened to me.  Why I am I here and they are there and so sad?

I knew the man in the white robe could help me so I ran to him, barking, I needed him to help me understand. He leaned down and touched me on the head – and I saw it all so clearly. But how could I be seeing myself on the table at the doctor’s office?

Mom was holding me, the girl was there leaning against the wall crying, mom was crying and dad didn’t want to stay.  Mom talked him into it. But as the doctor gave me the shot and mom just watched me, so sad, petting me and telling me it was alright over and over again, dad ran out. The girl stayed and she and mom were both crying so hard.  Mom was hugging me and what I wouldn’t give if I could feel that right now. She held me for a long time, I could feel she didn’t want to leave me – I don’t understand why would she leave me?  Then she asked a woman to cut some fur so she could take it.  Finally, I heard her say, I think he’s starting to stiffen – we should probably go. She walked out of the room so sad – she couldn’t stop crying.

I looked up at the beautiful man, that Gypsy calls The Father, I think he knew I didn’t understand and just like before he touched me, his mouth didn’t move but I could hear his words.

“You were her hardest goodbye. She knew it was time to let you go, you were hurting too much and keeping you with her was selfish. Your mom made the decision to let you pass on without suffering – she made that sacrifice because she loved you so much. When it’s her turn to come here, you will be waiting for her and you will help her get settled in here, just like Gypsy and Grandma did for you.”

Now I understand, I know where I am. It’s okay, she would have never hurt me, so I know that if she did this it was the right thing to do. I’m happy here, I miss both of them, and Hunny and sometimes the little dog. This place is beautiful and someday they will both be here with me.

The Story of Roxi – Chapter 3

My health is failing, I can just tell.  Sometimes I can only feel her voice, not hear it. 12472359_10207704533364431_2818109966576897935_nSometimes I have trouble seeing and I keep getting these big things under my skin that need removed.

I’ve had teeth pulled two separate times, and I don’t have many left. I need to eat soft food. I had one of those bumps removed from my mouth. Then the one on my lower front leg started getting bigger and had to have it removed, then the one on my chest got really big.  The operation was rough.  I think this is when I really knew that I was going to have to leave her soon. They both had to care for me a lot after this.  He slept in the living room with me so I couldn’t jump on and off the bed.  I had to wear the cone of shame and went back to the vet a few times.

Like all those other lumps, I had one more. It was on my throat.  My doctor said we could wait and she could decide what to do.  The vet told her it would be dangerous but they were up for a challenge. They decided to wait. And of course it got big quick too.  Pretty soon I couldn’t wait to get outside to pee and I would just pee on the floor. Sometimes I don’t even think I realized that I needed to pee or that I had went in the house, that was until I felt her yell my name.

They were both sad and I could tell it was about me. One day, they came home from work and we went for a ride in the car. I was happy, it was warm, the sun was shining and he held me in the front seat on his lap while she drove. I love to ride in the car! We were back at the doctors, they were nicer this time and offered me water – they had never done that before.

The doctor came in the room with us – me, her, him and the girl. She was showing the doctor my neck and how big my lump had gotten. The doctor looked at me and I could feel her dread.  She said something to them and I felt the life leave them, almost as much as when grandma left all those years ago. She thought about something the doctor said for a few minutes and then the doctor left the room.  She hugged me and stroked my fur, I could tell she was trying to be strong.

As I laid on the table the doctor returned with two needles – I remembered what they were from all of the shots I had over my life. I felt a sharp stick and I tried to fight it…then I felt calm. She was holding me, and she was crying but trying to calm me. Within seconds the room started to fade and I couldn’t see her anymore, then I couldn’t feel her either.

Then there was light, bright and beautiful. I could smell flowers, and heard the sound of a stream. I walked across the bridge and felt young again, I had a spring in my step. I was met at the gate by a man full of light. He was beautiful and even though his mouth didn’t move I could hear his words to me. “Welcome Pepper, we’ve been waiting for you. 686568_1283816616Someone has missed you a lot.” The gate opened, I walked in and was almost knocked over by GYPSY! She was here, I had found her! I turned to look back to see if she could see Gypsy too, but she wasn’t there and I knew I was a long way from her, and I had an overwhelming desire to go run with Gypsy.

The Story of Roxy – Chapter 2

We were together for so many things.  She was all I needed to be happy and I’m glad I was able to show her t17943_1241083200289_2851337_nhe love of a dog. I was happy to be with her for some of the most heart wrenching moments of her life. My place was always by her side. I also loved sharing happy moments with her.

The older boy came to live with us after a while, I wasn’t sure where he came from but it sure made her happy. And for awhile that was probably the happiest I saw her. Those early years with her were pretty sad.

Her mom was sick and we lived with her.  She tried to be positive but I could feel her sadness just seep from her body.  I was happy though as I had lots of friends to play with.  I had Gypsy, she was a Rottweiler and I loved her so. I would lay at her feet and she would lick my entire head, mom would always be mad about that and told me I stunk.  There was Scooter, he looked a lot like me but he was old, and he thought he was alpha. I let him think that since I knew he wouldn’t be around long.  He also chose the smaller boy to be his person and they were good together.  I was glad – it meant the boy would not bother me.

One day her mom left us.  A man came and got her and put her into a long car.  It was the first time I’d felt that much pain and loss from her, sure I’d felt her sadness before but nothing like this.  I had felt grandma leave and was confused when I looked and saw her still sleeping. I was happy to be there to help mom, to love her, to make her smile even if it didn’t last long.

A while after that her and the boy left the tall man. We moved to a little trailer in the country with a big yard where I could run, but Gypsy couldn’t come with us and Scooter had been gone for awhile. I wasn’t sure where he went but that was okay.  It was so peaceful at our new home and then suddenly I felt that peace leave, and there he was – the tall man was here. I really didn’t care for him much, the only time I really liked him was when he stayed in bed with me.  I didn’t like how sad he made her. And I really didn’t like how he would hold me like a baby and called me a baby. Actually, I hated that so when he finally left for good I was glad to see him go. I didn’t like seeing her so sad but I knew sooner or later she would find her happiness again and I would be there to see her smile again.17943_1238480255217_8252135_n

We moved a couple more times and finally we found a place where her and the
boy were really happy again, we played every evening and she took lots of pictures of me. I even made up with the boy finally and sometimes I’d even let him love me.


Then there he was. He wasn’t tall, closer to her height, and she was smiling a lot only she
smiled more at him. I didn’t like that, so when he turned around – I bit him! That will scare him, he’ll get out, I’m alpha here! But he never left, and he brought the girl to our house.  She was younger than the boy and I don’t think she liked me – I thought once she was trying to sell me! She always wanted her friends to come over and I had just gotten used to these two new people being there, I didn’t want anyone else with my family. Why can’t we just all be happy here, just us? We don’t need other humans around.

Life was good and before long I started to love him as much as she did. I loved to lay on the couch with him. He rubbed my ears better than anyone but it made me miss Gypsy. I wondered where she was. I forgot about Gypsy for awhile when they brought a little puppy home. Her name was Hunny and she belonged to the girl.

One summer day, he brought her a ring and they started talking about a wedding and moving to a new house. She was happy, even more than she had been and this made me happy. We moved to our new house before the wedding. I had a yard with a fence so I could run and play.  I smelled cat all over the house but I never did find it.297298_2363751946306_34847397_n
The boy got a dog too…she looked a lot like me, but I never really paid much attention to her. I sure did love Hunny though, she was pretty and she would paw at me when she wanted to play.

As the days went on I could tell that I was getting older and slowing down…I had teeth pulled, and then more pulled. It seemed I went to my doctor a lot more and I hated new people coming over even more. I found myself thinking more about Gypsy and I wanted to find her.

The Story of Roxi – Chapter 1

The story of Roxi couldn’t be told without me. I’m Pepper and this woman that Roxi now calls mom was once my mom.

In case you can’t tell I’m a miniature schnauzer.  I don’t recall where I was born but I know that I was purchased by a family at a pet store. I was with that family for about year – a very long year.

IMG_1925When the family would leave I would be tied with a short, heavy blue lead and it would be wrapped around the leg of the couch.  I was never groomed at my first home and my fur would get matted.  When my feet would be matted these small humans would trim my fur on my feet, and the scissors would catch my knuckles on my feet.  It hurt so bad and I would bleed.

They never took me anywhere except for that one warm summer evening.  We pulled into a parking lot and there was a tall man, three little humans and her. There was just something about her and I went right to her. She looked me over and looked at the tall man.  At the same time I heard him say that I wasn’t a schnauzer, she saw the scabs on the knuckles of my front paws.  She looked back at the tall man and told him she was taking me home.

Before I realized what was going on I was in the car with her and I was so happy.  We went to a small house that was attached to other houses. I think I heard them call it an apartment.  The little humans tried to play with me and the biggest little human took a toy she had given me. I growled and tried to take my toy back. I could smell the little human’s fear as he jumped onto the couch. All that mattered was that I got my toy back, but she also wasn’t happy.

The next day she took me to a place that smelled beautiful. There were other dogs and a nice lady bathed me and trimmed me up without hurting me. She made me smell good and look handsome!

When she came to pick me up she was so happy and that’s when she started calling herself mommy.  She was my human, my mom, my savior.  I just knew my life would be better with her and I was so happy she brought me home, to my home. I was loved and I was now truly a part of a family.

The Story of Roxi (Preface)

I love to write. When I first read 50 Shades of Grey I thought that one day I may write a romance novel. However the story just never came about in my head.  Now I have the story of Roxi floating around in my head and has for the last few months.  I think it’s time to start gettiIMG_3079ng it out.

I’m not sure how long of a story this will be, perhaps just a few parts – or chapters if you will. Right now it’s planned only for this blog.

I hope that you find something that moves you in this story – be prepared for it to tug at your heart like it has mine.

I want to say Thank You to my amazing husband for supporting me in getting Roxi, when he really didn’t think he wanted another dog yet.


A Little Catch Up with Roxi

I haven’t posted anything about my girl in a while, but we’ve had some good stuff going on.RoIMG_3490xi’s amazing dad (my rock star of a husband) built our gals a doggie door with a ramp with railings to go outside. Roxi has been doing a bang-up job using it.

Today she finished up with all of her shots and only has to go back for her spay in June, that’s booked and ready.

As you can see I ordered my girl some bows for her hair and her most favorite treats right now are bully sticks, knee caps and my homemade doggie ice cream treats that is her “bedtime” snack.

Today at the vet she further proved how much she just loves everyone! She walked into the office on her leash and just laid down at our feet. When someone came in she went to greet them. She saw a little white dog outside that she was ready to go play with but when she saw the Great Dane she wasn’t too fast to check her out. When the vet tech went to take her back she just walked back like it was home.

I honestly couldn’t dream of a better dog – sure she still has some things to learn but she’s just amazing.FullSizeRender 3

Size wise – her back comes to my knee and here’s the most recent weight.